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Friday, 27 April 2012


Below are the Number of students who applied for the Big courses in Benue state University(BSU) makurdi.

• Accounting: 2366
• Biological Sciences: 508
• Business Management/Administration: 3434
• Computer Science: 761
• Economics: 2789
• English and Literary studies: 636
• Government and public Administration:
• Geography:738
• History and international Studies: 67
• Law: 2580
• Marketing:
• Mass comm: 3446
• Medicine and Surgery: 1275
• Microbiology:
• Nursing science:
• Philosophy: 379
• Petroleum Engineering:
• Political science: 3234
• Psychology: 2075
• Sociology: 2914
Total Number of Students: 29,804
click here to see the full list of the number of students who applied for your course

Make use of the VNTI unfair advantage to your advantage. Be wise.

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