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Friday, 27 April 2012


Below are the Number of students who applied for the Big courses in University Of BENIN (UNIBEN).

• Accounting: 6886
• Agriculture:
• Architecture:
• Banking and Finance: 2629
• Biochemistry: 1022
• Biological Sciences:
• Business Management/Administration: 7372
• Chemical Engineering: 1291
• Civil Engineering: 1652
• Civil Law/Law: 6475
• Computer Science: 2833
• Computer Engineering: 1675
• Economics: 3414
• Electrical Engineering: 2792
• English and Literary studies: 699
• Geography: 264
• Geology: 711
• History and international Studies: 36
• Information Technology:
• Marketing:
• Mass comm: 5165
• Mechanical Engineering: 2872
• Medical Laboratory Science :2652
• Medicine and Surgery: 7934
• Microbiology: 1845
• Nursing science:
• Pharmacy: 4094
• Petroleum Engineering: 3144
• Political science: 4376
• Psychology:
• public Administration: 4376
• Public Health:
• Radiography:
• Sociology: 979
Total Number of Students: 80,048

NOTE: Statistics above are for First choice candidates Only
click here to see the full list of the number of students who applied for your course

Make good use of the VNTI unfair advantage.
Be wise.

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