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Friday, 27 April 2012


As always, we bring you minute but Important information concerning the examination ahead, that we believe you need to be aware of, in order to make your admission this time. Below are details we believe you need to be aware of about the delta state University(DELSU) post-utme.
• Delta state University(DELSU) post-utme cut-off like other state University is 180
• Delta state University(DELSU) accepts a pass(D7) in English, as long as you are being admitted for an education course and you are a science student.
• DELSU accepts second choice candidates who did well in her post-utme, but I would advice you to put it as your first if your UTME score is low.
• DELSU post-utme is a total of 100 marks
• DELSU post-utme is not a Computer based examination

To get your average score for admission.
Divide your UTME score by 4, add it to your post-utme score, and divide them by 2.
Example. UTME=240
Total score= 240/4=60, 60+40=100, 100/2= 50.


Education courses
Biological sciences
Physical sciences

Medicine 57
Pharmacy 63
Engineering 50
Psychology 45
Sociology 45
Geography 40
Micro Biology 47
Law 60
Economics 55
Account 52
Mass Comm 50
Political science 49
Banking & Finance 45
Sociology 45
Psychology 45
Geography 40
English 40

click here to see the number of students who applied for your course

Make sure you read VNTI's HIDDEN SECRETS TO ADMISSION to boost your chances of getting admitted this time.



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