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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Below are the detailed Online application procedure for Bowen University, Owo Osun state.

1. Visit the University website
2. Click on Online Undergraduate Application .
3. Click on Here box to fill the Application Registration Form.
4. Then click on Register box to view Registration information and instruction.
5. Then click on Print Payment Slip to view Online Application Bank Payment Slip.
6. Click on Print box to print the Bank Payment Slip.

1. Take the Bank Payment Slip to the bank of your choice among the listed designated banks.
2. After payment, obtain your receipt containing your BranchCollect PIN Payment Receipt for Bowen University .
3. The PIN Payment Receipt contains your LOGIN PIN , which must be carefully and securely kept.

1. Having obtained your PIN, visit the University website
2. Click on Online Undergraduate Application .
3. Enter your Email and PIN .
4. Then click on Login box. This takes you to the Application Home Page .
5. Follow the instructions. This will take you to the BIODATA PAGE .
6. Upload your Passport photograph , fill in your details and click on Continue box.
7. Preview your Biodata.
8. If there is an error, click on Modify box to correct. Otherwise click Next , to continue.

1. If you obtained your results at One Sitting, click on O/level (One Sitting) and complete the form.
2. If you obtained your O/level results at two sittings click on both O/level (One Sitting) and O/level (Two Sittings) and complete the forms.
3. If you have other qualifications, fill the form under List Other Relevant Qualifications section as appropriate.
4. Read the Declaration properly and click on ACCEPT box to enable you to continue or click on DECLINE box to end the process of your Application.
5. To cross check your profile entries, click on Previous box, otherwise, click on Continue box to view your result entries.
6. If there are errors in the result entries, click on Modify box and correct the errors. Otherwise, click on Preview Application box to continue.
7. Once you click on Submit Completed Application box, you will no longer be able to modify your entries but you can print. Therefore, ensure that all your entries are correct before you click on Submit Completed Application box.
8. When you are satisfied with your entries click on Submit Completed Application box and follow the instructions.
9. After submission, click on both Print Profile link and Print Acknowledgement Card link on the left side to have copies of your Profile entries and Acknowledgement Card. These two must be brought with you to the Screening Centre.

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