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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

GET ADMITTED- The truth about Negative marking.

Negative marking is a system of marking in which, your total marks is obtained from obtained mark, by subtracting that which you failed.

It implies that, if in a set of 100 questions, you answered 80 of which 25 were wrong, the 25 wrong answers would be subtracted from the 55 right answers, leaving you with 30marks.

In summary.
answered 80,
got 55,
failed 25,
scores- 55.

answered 80,
got 55,
failed 25,
scores- 55-25= 30.

The ideal way to pass an examination, using the Negative marking scheme, is to avoid answering the questions you are not sure of.(DO NOT ANSWER THAT WHICH YOU DO NOT KNOW, DO NOT TRY YOUR LUCK)

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