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Monday, 19 March 2012


Mark,a poor roadside beggar was very hungry,on seeing Alex,a rich man,alight from a taxi,he ran to Alex begging for alms at least to eat for the day,the man out of pity, handed the balance to him by the taxi driver to mark. In a twinkle of an eye,mark rushed to a nearby resturant to buy some food as Alex made way to his home with another taxi. Few minutes after,a scene was created as mark was being beaten for wanting to use a fake money(counterfeit) to buy food.the guys in the resturant had to beat mark to death for wanting to "cheat" the owner of the resturant by using fake money to buy some food..reading the newspaper the next day,Alex after going through the sad story blamed himself for not checking that money before collecting it from the taxi driver and giving it to the poor innocent mark... In life,your mistakes can lead to the death of an innocent person..

Before you engage in any acts, even the most sincere ones, approach the matter with diligence and involve God in whatever you do for who knows, your act of kindness can lead to your doom....... God forbid.

Composed by Michael Cassidy


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