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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The University Of Lagos(UNILAG), Yesterday recorded a major setback in its recent chain of development as a wild fire razes up a chunk of its science building.

The fire as reported started in the early hours of yesterday and lasted for several as a result of the lateness of the fire fighters especially that of the Institution which were the last to arrive the scene.

Students and Good samaritans did their best to recover some vital items in the burning fire as spectators we waiting endlessly for the lagos state fire service which later made it to the scene and effectively put the fire under control.

Though the cause of the flames were still undiscovered, it is rumored to be as a result of electrical connections sparking up in the early morning of yesterday. Some offices were terribly affected by the fire, as it razed them with nothing vital to recover.


thespectaclesmag said...

Na God go save person o. I hope there was no casualties sha.
Which building was it that got burnt?

Chinedu Da Silva said...

Their Science Building

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