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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Everything about our Education is now so terrible that we cannot afford a free and fair examination. While some students read all through the night and still manage to score little above 250, others play video games and indulge in all other kind of funs and come out with 300+ and at the end get admitted only to remain in our Universities for more than the Expected time.

If the Individuals previewed above are the so called, LEADERS OF TOMMOROW, then honestly, we know we are heading for the cliffs.

A friend of mine(name withheld) who wrote her exams somewhere in oji river, anambra state, kept me dazing, when she gave me the details of her examination centre. According to her, Oji river is a HUB of all malpractices going on in the country, a centre in which invigilators are part of the candidates. Students all settled the examineers before the exam day, all proceeded smoothly, they(candidates) all went in with their phone, undisturbed, they were making CONFERENCE CALLS in a hall which is meant to be as silent as a graveyard and what is the end result?
They all came out smiling, while students who read felt uneasy. Obviously, JAMB has gone to sleep in those halls.
This is how far we have come in raising our academic standards.

Brilliant performers by Nigerian students, and to all who read, YOU SHALL EXCEL IN FLYING COLOURS ABOVE ALL WHO CHEATED AND AGAINST ALL ODDS IN JESUS NAME!!! AMEN.

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