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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


We all as humans needs to be grateful to God for whatever we have even though we believe we deserve more for it is the traditional igbo proverb, which says, "ekele Onye na nke omere, Omekwa ozor" transcripted, if you are thankful to someone for that which he did, he would do more.

God has done a lot in our lives, even though we have refused to see it, we believe that its by our own strength, but I guarantee you, if not for his grace we would not be communicating today. In everything you have and no matter what you need. Gratitude comes first before solitude. Grace abounds that solace might be ours. I used to think, why should I not have just what I want, when I want it?

Then I remembered the popular quote, which reads, "I USED TO CRY THAT I HAD NO SHOES, THEN I SAW SOMEONE WHO HAD NO LEGS". That's really touching by its wordings and gives us a reasons to grace our God each and everyday for the great things he had done.



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