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Thursday, 1 March 2012


There are many things that you think of yourself, many wish you have for your future, many DREAMS you see in yourself. Who says you cannot achieve all that, what has he to his name to decide who can and who cannot?

"I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not
know what can't be done." - Henry Ford

"I can believe anything, provided it is incredible." - Oscar Wilde

We are powerful beyond all measures to achieve all that we want, all that we ever dream of, BUT, We see our challenges bigger than our dream, we see the path to it farther than the destination. We dream dreams and nurse doubts. In doing all this we give rise to the only factor responsible for averting our success, and we do not notice it. That powerful factor that destroys our future is but the fout lettered word, FEAR.

With fear comes doubt, weakness and unbelief in your dreams, visions and ambitions which at a point in time would lead to failure and bitterness in every area of our life and academics.

Decide today, what path you choose. Is your challenges bigger than your dreams or are the obstacles more frightening than the Joy of success. What are you afraid of?

• Fear of failure
• Fear of Ridicule
• Fear of falling
• Fear of loosing.

What ever it is, remember that if you do not take a step, you cannot climb the staircase to your next level.
Kill that silent voice inside you telling you that you can't because you can achieve any and everything that you want to.
It's the "I can't" voice that, over time, kills your ability and even your desire to dream. Yet many of the marvels of our modern world exist because someone had the audacity to dream, to simply not accept that something could not be done.
Aristole in his words put it that "Man is a bundle of Endless possibilities" and that is what you are as soon as you believe it.



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