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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Eksu 2011/2012 Resumption and School Fees Details

This is to inform newly admitted and old students of the Ekiti State University that the resumption date has been fixed to be on the 20th Feb, 2012 and the school fees for new and old students have also been stated.

A breakdown of the fees show that 100, 200, 300 level students are to pay N50,000 for tuition fees alone while 400, 500 level students will pay the old tuition fees of N15,000.
A breakdown of the total fees for various levels and faculties are as follows;

Faculty of Agric Science:
100L/DE - N112,000
200L - N93,000
300L - N93,000
400L - N37,200
500L - N42,500

Faculty of Education (Science)
100L/DE - N107,000
200L - N88,000
300L - N88,000
400L - N41,500

Faculty of Arts (Geography/French)
100L/DE - N102,000
200L - N83,000
300L - N83,000
400L - N38,500

Faculty of Education (Geography/French)
100L/DE - N107,000
200L - N88,000
300L - N88,000
400L - N40,500

Faculty of Arts (General)
100L/DE - N92,000
200L - N73,000
300L - N73,000
400L - N35,500

Faculty of Education (Others)
100L/DE - N97,000
200L - N78,000
300L - N78,000
400L - N37,500

According to the official memo by the school, the above fees cover all fees for the academic session, including levies, departmental and faculty dues, saying that there will be no other payment of such.

Students are to use E-transact method of making payments. By the way, FRESH students are to pay N1000 for admission checking and N32,000 for acceptance fees
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