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Thursday, 23 February 2012


The senate arm of the Federal Executives yesterday signed a bill passed to them for the Introduction of 5 new Private universities into the country's academic system in a bid to enhance our standard of education and also create more chances of admission for admission seekers.

The universities approved are located in the south-western state of Ogun and Ondo. The others are found in the south eastern states of Abia and Ebonyi. The approved new Universities are and their locations;

• Ebonyi state(akaeze)- EVANGEL UNIVERSITY
The institution is situated right in Akaeze, the heart of Ebonyi state with its vast area of land. Some few kilometers drive from the capital Abakiliki. The institution is to be mentored by the University of Nigeria, Enugu state.

• Abia state(uturu)- GREGORY UNIVERSITY
Uturu is a popular place when it comes to academics in abia state, as it is the location of the state's prestigious Abia State University. Gregory University would be located close to this great institution while being mentored by the University of Nigeria.

• Ogun state(seriki sotayo)- MACPHERSON UNIVERSITY
Being located in Seriki Sotayo, not a popular name as it sounds, but the All new Macpherson university promises to be more of an exciting prospect to New students seeking admission especially judging from the fact that it is receiving its Mentoring from the one and only University of Lagos.

• Ogun State(okun-owa)- SOUTH WESTERN UNIVERSITY
Same as above, the S.W.University holds much promises for the future after being mentored by the University of Lagos.

• Ondo state(ilara mokin)- ELIZADE UNIVERSITY
Also mentored by the University of Lagos, The last but not the least of the list is the Institution which is destined to bring life not just living to the would be city of Ilara Mokin in Ondo state after its inception.
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